Cincinnati-based pet photographer Lauranne Traister captures the beauty, playfulness and personality of your most beloved furry friends. A dog lover herself, Lauranne knows how to make your pets shine.

Her passion is lifestyle photography, and she loves documenting your pup in his or her natural setting – with a favorite toy, running in the park or under a shady tree. She prefers to work in soft, natural light to showcase your dog’s best features. She is happiest in life when she is working with animals and their people, and she looks forward to meeting you soon!

Best Friends Forever

Dogs need us and we need them. They count on us to speak up for them, protect them and provide for them. In turn, they will love us and stick by us until the end. They are our best friends. Best Friends Forever.

"One of the greatest gifts we receive from dogs is the tenderness they evoke in us." Dean Koontz